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Hello! Welcome to TD (Tumblr Discussion). As a non-profit, unofficial website. This is basically Tumblr as forums, Chat with people, Roleplay, etc. Follow the rules!
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PostSubject: PLEASE READ THIS FIRST OR ELSE   Sun May 10, 2015 6:45 pm

Hello everyone! It's really exciting to see new people joining the forums! This forums is dedicated to everything tumblr has but as forums. I know it maybe a stupid idea, or a really smart one. But the reason why i'm creating this forum is to:

Help out unknown blogs/ making friends with other people.
Ask limit reached? Come on the forums and ask!
Posting content.
Easier to find content
Helping out Fandoms/ roleplaying community
Helping out Art community
Helping out everyone in whatever situation they're in.
Easier to use then tumblr
Discussions about characters

It's sorta what will help tumblr, sorta how XKIT is.

Oh yeah, RULES:
1. Don't spam the exact same thing
2. Don't be a dick
3. Don't beg for moderator
4. Don't hate on anyone
5. Only post controversial stuff on Controversial (Stuff like Ferguson, and Baltimore)
6. Request is only for site requests only.
7. be good


My name is Brandon, I'm a 17 year old student that plans on going to college for computer engineering. I tend to spend alot of my time on tumblr. Over the course of time, i have seen how tumblr has gotten. So i created this website here. I hope you will enjoy Tumblr as an Forum.

ALSO, my birthday is september the 4th, 1997. So when my birthday arrives, i'll be 18.

See you space cowboy
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